Chia Ying Herng

Bitten by the anime bug ever since my first episode of Sailormoon, I have since developed into a full-fledged otaku and in 2006, decided to pursue my passion by becoming an animator.


My time in Sparky Animation was packed with many exciting projects, ranging from Disney Junior's Doc McStuffins; to the 3D anime One Stormy Night; to the crazy snappiness that is Fleabag Monkeyface. I got to explore different styles of animation and learn to work in a production pipeline.

Joining Koei Tecmo Singapore then allowed me to expand my knowledge to game animation, and I've since partook in various AAA console games. Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom and Hyrule Warriors are just a few of the titles I have left my mark on, and I continue to learn more each day I step into the office.


Besides 3D animation however, other mediums/aspects of animation also pique my interest, and I picked up After Effects, Flash, as well as texturing and rigging in Maya along the way. Drawing is also another love of mine, and I continue to sketch and practice whenever I can.


It has been and epic journey so far, and I hope to grow and improve more so as to become an animator that lives up to the magic of animation; to breathe life and believability into characters on screen.